The Brothers

Before founding Shamballa Jewels in 2005, the brothers were each others best travel companions. It led to many exciting adventures starting in their teens. Their worldly travels and life experiences, brought them on stimulating and inspiring, yet sometimes heart wrenching journeys. As it is with love and life, at times it would bring them closer together, and others,  further apart - until they finally found a mutual purpose and passion - their company, Shamballa Jewels.
Their journeys have brought them through tours in the Himalaya region, learning about ancient mythologies, symbols, and the spirit of yoga, meditation, and higher purpose. With pockets filled with jewellery ideas from Asia, they adventured (sometimes together, and sometimes alone) into France, US and Japan. In a span of 10 years, jewellery stores, retailers and pop ups were opened in New York, Tokyo, and Paris. The bricks of their success and reputation were molded – but due to the economic consequences of 9/11, they reluctantly had to leave it behind, and move back to Denmark.
To find new meaning, and to reflect on the events in their lives, the brothers settled down in Copenhagen. Running a yoga and meditation center, with a Japanese tea lounge, and a small jewellery shop, was the venture that sparked the idea and the building blocks for Shamballa Jewels – to create a fine jewellery brand with spiritual undertones, combining the aesthetics of the North, and the symbolism of the East.
The brothers´ personal experiences and history together are what have made Shamballa Jewels into the much-loved brand it is today.
Shamballa Jewels is a testament to Mads and Mikkel´s belief, that everyone can find their life purpose through creativity, positivity, and persistency - with love, joy, compassion, and wisdom. These 4 virtues are deeply ingrained in the Shamballa Jewels’ brand values through the Star of Shamballa. Love, compassion, joy and wisdom reflect each direction of the 4 pointed star.
It is this hint of universal spirituality that is the foundation of our philosophy.
Mikkel Kornerup is the CEO of Shamballa Jewels, and Mads Kornerup is the Chief Shamballizer. The brothers design the fine jewellery collections from Shamballa Jewels in collaboration with each other.

Lake Nam-Tso