BACKGROUND. Mads and Mikkel Kornerup founded Shamballa Jewels in 2005. Although the brothers did not know it, when they chose the name "Shamballa", it refers to a fabled kingdom in ancient mythology, a kingdom hidden in a valley in the Himalayas. The kingdom of Shamballa is said to be a harmonious place, where love and wisdom reigns. It is said to be populated with enlightened and compassionate people; a land of worthy ones, who spread peace, kindness, compassion, and serenity into the world. The Kingdom of Shamballa when translated from Sanskrit, means "a place of peace and tranquillity".
It is this sense of spirituality that is the cornerstone of our philosophy.
OUR PURPOSE AND PHILOSOPHY. At Shamballa Jewels, we exist to remind humans to shine with Love, Joy, Compassion and Wisdom. Together we Shamballize.
OUR VISION. We aim to Shamballize the world with exceptional experiences, that go far beyond what is simply luxury.
OUR MISSION. We combine ancient Eastern philosophy and Nordic design traditions to create highly personal and precious jewels.
THE STAR OF SHAMBALLA IS THE EPICENTRE OF OUR PHILOSOPHY. We want the Star of Shamballa to help remind all human beings of the positive force of love, compassion, joy and wisdom. We believe that these states of being will help create a meaningful life for everyone. The Star of Shamballa, represents a shining, guiding light, reminding us to empower ourselves and others through positive energy, and acts of good will. Adorning each piece of jewellery, it serves as a reminder to shine with the power of Love, Joy, Compassion, and Wisdom.

Monks in Drepung Monastery