Quality & Craftsmanship

True to the core values of Shamballa Jewels, we pride ourselves in offering superior quality, impeccable craftsmanship and unique fine jewellery designs. Our stones are handpicked from all corners of the globe and meet top quality standards, before skilful artisans cut them in order to maximize their natural beauty.
All Shamballa Jewels´ beads are reviewed meticulously for quality, size and colour. Each bead can take over 10 hours to make, passing through the hands of seven master craftsmen specialized in multiple steps to turn the raw gems into round or square beads.
Our exquisite white diamonds are brilliant-cut and classified as G/vs quality.  Diamonds are handset into the 18K gold jewellery by professional goldsmiths, where the diamonds and workmanship must be flawless to secure that the stone settings are smooth to the touch. We guarantee conflict-free diamonds purchased from official retailers in agreement with the resolutions of The United Nations.
At Shamballa Jewels, we are notorious for using “the big 4”; Sapphires, Emeralds, Diamonds, and Rubies - some of the most extravagant precious stones in the world.
The 18K gold locks on our bracelets are individually numbered, to reassure the wearer of their authenticity. All number records are kept in our archives, to facilitate rebraidings, customisations or insurance purposes. Our clasp lock is presented in the form of a classic Star of Shamballa 18K gold bead. The precision world of watchmaking has inspired this lock’s innovative closure technique.
All braiding is done by hand in our Copenhagen Atelier. We use an ancient macramé technique and we  hand polish and inspect each and every piece, before the jewellery leaves the Atelier to its final destination.