The Star of Shamballa

The Star of Shamballa embodies two meaningful ancient symbols; the universal Star and the double Dorje – a guiding light and an ancient Eastern emblem of truth and protection.
The Star of Shamballa is to help remind us of the positive force that Love, Compassion, Joy and Wisdom has on all human beings.
At Shamballa Jewels, we believe that these virtuous human states of being, will help create a meaningful life for the individual. The Star of Shamballa, represents a shining, guiding light, reminding us to empower ourselves, and others, through positive energy, and acts of good will.
Adorning each  piece of fine jewellery from Shamballa Jewels, the Star of Shamballa serves as a loving reminder to us all. To shine with the power of Love, Joy, Compassion, and Wisdom.

Potala Palace Lhasa