Ancient Asian wisdom teaches us the importance of compassion as a tool on how to make a world a better place.
Compassion has always been an important part of SHAMBALLA JEWELS’ identity with the main aim to spread this knowledge vastly and inspire others to do likewise. On the 19th of August, World Humanitarian Day is held across the globe to honor the devoted aid workers as well as to remind us of those who are in need of help. This year, the focus is zoomed on the work of women in crises all over the world.

Hence, SHAMBALLA JEWELS would like to pay tribute to Pia Lindell Qwist and her humanitarian organization Gadens Børn, which has been supporting street children in Kolkata, India since 2012. Today Gadens Børn are helping 600 children every day by providing them with access to education, safety and health, and thus offering them a vision of a brighter and happier future.
Gadens Børn are handing out 112.000 meals every year through the organizations 9 projects, which consists of 3 schools, 1 day center, 1 baby and mother center, 1 after school center, 1 mobile health clinic, outreach at the station and in the slums as well as an upcoming children`s home.

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