6mm Shamballa®
non-braided bracelet

Style id: D110859

New fresh energy is elevated through a row of dense Green Marbles interlaced with the warmth of 18k Yellow and Black Rhodinated Gold. 



Shamballa® 6mm Non-Braided Bracelet, Green Marble, 18K Yellow Gold with G/Vs Diamonds, 18K Black Rhodinated Yellow Gold with G/Vs Diamonds.

Refreshing and full of energy. Those are just two synonyms of this exclusive creation mainly composed of vivid Green Marbles.
Combined with 18k Yellow Gold Pavé
bead with White Diamonds and 18k Black-Rhodinated Yellow Gold with White Diamonds, this design truly evokes lively energy. Every component as well as the string color can be changed and customized in Creator.

jewellery that changes over time


Discover one-of-a-kind components of the finest materials that offer stunning opportunities of personalisation. Size and design can be customized bead by bead and later recustomised into a new piece allowing the jewellery to evolve over time and be passed down generations to come.

bead selection

Our assortment of components is constantly changing. All our beads are made by hand using the highest quality natural gems. No two natural gems are the same colour, therefore, each bead is reviewed individually for quality, size and colour. Our solid gold beads come in yellow, white, rose and black rhodinated gold. These Star of Shamballa beads all come in different pavé settings.

All beads are available in 3 sizes: 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

string selection

All our bracelets are braided by hand in our Copenhagen atelier, stories threaded in each knot. This ancient technique of macramé can be traced back to the 13th century.

Any bracelet can be customised with a wide range of string colours.