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The Special Creations collection has started its journey around Europe

SHAMBALLA JEWELS recently revealed this year's Special Creations - a collection of unique jewelry pieces that stand out from the classic Shamballa Jewels repertoire, and that will never be seen again exactly as they are.

Composed of some of the rarest and finest stones nature has to offer, this year's collections zooms in on the breathtaking beauty of Opals. Translucent, unrepeatable and radiant - a real treasure that nobody else will ever be able to match.

Throughout the Holiday Season, the Special Creations will travel around Europe to be discovered at selected high-end retailers for a limited period of time.

See the full Special Creations Collection here

Follow the news at @shamballajewels for when The Special Creations will be at a retailer near you.

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A memorable collection of impeccable pieces

Every year, SHAMBALLA JEWELS uncovers a memorable collection of impeccable pieces that are so unique in their design, that they will never be seen again exactly as they are. This time, the focus is zoomed on the original, translucent beauty of opals. For centuries, opals have been associated with protection, justice, and harmony.
Feel welcome to peek inside the store and dive into this Special Creations repertoire.

See video here.

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World Humanitarian Day

Ancient Asian wisdom teaches us the importance of compassion as a tool on how to make a world a better place.
Compassion has always been an important part of SHAMBALLA JEWELS’ identity with the main aim to spread this knowledge vastly and inspire others to do likewise. On the 19th of August, World Humanitarian Day is held across the globe to honor the devoted aid workers as well as to remind us of those who are in need of help. This year, the focus is zoomed on the work of women in crises all over the world.

Hence, SHAMBALLA JEWELS would like to pay tribute to Pia Lindell Qwist and her humanitarian organization Gadens Børn, which has been supporting street children in Kolkata, India since 2012. Today Gadens Børn are helping 600 children every day by providing them with access to education, safety and health, and thus offering them a vision of a brighter and happier future.
Gadens Børn are handing out 112.000 meals every year through the organizations 9 projects, which consists of 3 schools, 1 day center, 1 baby and mother center, 1 after school center, 1 mobile health clinic, outreach at the station and in the slums as well as an upcoming children`s home.

Visit facebook.com/gadensborn or gadensboern.org to learn more.

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Copenhagen is very well known for its colorful diversity, breathtaking sightseeing or great shopping opportunities, but there
is also a different side to this Danish capital. A city full of small hidden alleys with old timbered houses, famous restaurants
with an urban farming concept or calming areas which provide relax for the body and peace for the mind. All these places
can be found, secretly hidden, just around the corner from the pulsing crowds.

The founders of SHAMBALLA JEWELS, brothers Mads and Mikkel Kornerup, will share some of their favorite peaceful spots
in Copenhagen with you.

1. In one of the most buzzing and vibrant parts of Copenhagen, SHAMBALLA JEWELS Store can be found. When you step
into this peaceful oasis you are immediately seduced to another level. The carefully decorated store, the gentle scent and
quiet music calm you down in an instant. In the meantime, you will get the chance to explore the finest hand-crafted jewelry
pieces which mix the Asian philosophy with the refined Nordic design.
Address: Shamballa Jewels, Ny Østergade 7

2. Allow yourself to sense and absorb the lesser-known Copenhagen by visiting the small romantic alleys which curl towards
the old sailors’ neighborhood Nyboder. Its characteristic low-rise houses and amusing street names really show the authentic
side of Copenhagen.
Address: Nyboder, Skt. Paulsgade

3. After walking through this hidden gem, the trip can be rounded up with lunch at Toldbod Bodega where the traditional
interior décor underlines the whole dining experience. Here you can experience the best from the classic Danish dishes - smørrebrød, snaps, rødgrød med fløde, you name it.
Address: Toldbod Bodega, Esplanaden 4

4. Close to Nyboder, one can find Mads and Mikkel Kornerup’s favorite museum. Design Museum Denmark is the invitation to Denmark as the world-known mecca of fine design. Take the opportunity to see the most traditional design pieces while visiting the permanent or temporary exhibitions, or embrace your creativity by taking part in one of the innovative workshops.
Address: Designmuseum Danmark, Bredgade 68

5. As many tourists head towards the same - more-known - side of Freetown Christiania at Christianshavn, Mads and Mikkel
Kornerup recommend the less crowded backside of this relaxing oasis. This part of Christiania offers a view on the old rampart
(Christianshavns Vold) as well as a serene environment full of colorful houses built by the locals. On top of that, access
for cars is prohibited here, so you can freely walk the rustic streets with no distractions involved.
At Christiania, the combination of nature and bohemian creativity is very inspiring and creates a perfect spot for calming
your thoughts.

6. In case your caffeine levels drop, the area of Christianshavn abounds in opportunities to grab a coffee in one of its cozy
cafés. Have a walk around the picturesque canal area lined by tree alleys and peek into the lifestyle of the locals who like to hang out in this area with a cup of coffee or a glass of beer.
Address: Christianshavns Voldgade 54

7. If you are into modern art, you should definitely visit Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center. It is nested in the magnificent
former B&W welding hall offering a total of 7,000 m2 of beautiful industrial halls and spacious areas. Such a location offers plenty of space to show the technical and large formats in which many contemporary artists work: gigantic installations, performance art or monumental video works. Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center represents a place where the art can
be experienced through all the senses. Expect the unexpected.
Address: Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Refshalevej 173A

8. Urban farming has really got hold of Copenhagen, and if you are able to plan your trip in advance, book a table at the
famous Michelin-starred restaurant Noma. Noma has been redefined over the past years and the new re-opened concept offers an exquisite menu with many ingredients coming from Noma’s own farm.
Address: Restaurant Noma, Refshalevej 96

9. If free tables at Noma are not available, another great urban farming option is restaurant Amass. With 90-100% organic
ingredients, restaurant Amass tries to enhance a responsible and sustainable approach at cooking, while serving delicious and seasonal dishes from local sources.
Address: Restaurant Amass. Refshalevej 153

10. After a long day of exploring and walking, Hamsa Yoga Studio might be the right place to end the day. It’s located at
Klerkegade, just a short walk from Design Museum Denmark. Hamsa Yoga Studio offers some of the best yoga classes in Copenhagen, and on every Wednesday and Thursday, it is also possible to treat yourself with ayurvedic treatments.
Address: Hamsa Yoga Studio, Klerkegade 19, 1st Floor

Photo credits: Alt.dk, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Restaurant Noma, Restaurant Amass, Hamsa Yoga Studio

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We are happy to introduce our new retailer The Loupe by JB Hudson

We are happy to introduce our new retailer The Loupe by JB Hudson in Minnesota, USA.

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We are happy to introduce our new Gemstones

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We are proud to announce that our Global Sales Platform, created together with Compent,
is nominated for the following awards:

Danish Design Award - Category: Commerce
FDIH - Category: Best e-commerce case – web agencies and other suppliers