We have always been proud, grateful and humbled by the backing we have gotten from the many celebrities and coinaisseurs around the world. From leading fashion designers to award-winning actors and actresses. From royalty to record-breaking athletes, we never knew how far the road would take us. Below you will find a small selection of the many endorsers of Shamballa Jewels.

endorsed by the particular

Thanks to our many loyal friends and partners around the globe, the name Shamballa Jewels is today synonymous with the highest quality, bespoke designs and unparalleled craftmanship. It takes one to know one, and it is no longer a coincidence when the best of the best wear our jelwellery to perfectionate their appearance. 



Our first major celebrity endorser was Jay-Z. The order was placed in the very early days of Shamballa Jewels in New York City and we owe the man a lot. Nobody knew how far the Brooklyn-born wordsmith would take us. We are lucky to have been part of his journey and to have been on his wrist for years.


karl lagerfeld

The story includes communicating via fax with the godfather of haute-couture. Originally ordering a military-strap style custom necklace, Karl Lagerfeld became a loyal collector, maybe most famous for wearing our iconic Shamballa Eyewear sunglasses.


So many great magazines, so little time. We are big fans of quality publications, and sometimes the affection is returned. Working with the best magazine titles in the world is an absolute treat and we have created countless mesmerising stories together. This gallery displays a small selection of the latest shoots and stories.


hrh crown princess mary of denmark

We got more than we could have ever hoped for when we opened our Flagship store on Mercer Street in New York City: Royal attendance by HRH Mary of Denmark. And what a way to kickstart this adventure. The Danish Crown Princess has already been dubbed the Queen of Style by many, and naturally we couldn’t agree more. Seeing our Royal Bracelet, made especially for this very special personality, marked a significant milestone in our history.

Leo_Shamballa Jewels

leonardo dicaprio

Without question one of the most iconic actors of his time. Leonardo DiCaprio was first seen wearing a Shamballa Jewels bracelet years ago and it goes without saying that we are extremely proud of being on the NGO-ambassador, activist and actor's radar. Few people alive inspire us more than Leonardo with the staggering amount of work he does to save our planet.

Press inquires

Press inquires

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